Balancing Economy and Ecology


Sustainable Engineering Designs


EarthCentric Engineering provides Civil Engineering and Site Design for sustainable development of residential, commercial and institutional projects.

Detention ponds don't have to be an eyesore. Combination Stormwater Detention/Recreation Space Franklin Grove Townhomes - Chapel Hill, NC - Design By Phil Koch, PE while with CCI (Click/Enlarge)In addition to traditional civil design strategies, EarthCentric Engineering also evaluates alternative stormwater management devices, pavement compositions, water/sewer distribution networks and irrigation systems used in developments in order to realize benefits for both the  client and the environment.

These strategies allow EarthCentric's clients to complete projects on many sites that are otherwise logistically, aesthetically or economically infeasible to develop using traditional means.

Hubquarter Townhomes - Lake Gaston - Littleton, NC (Click/Enlarge)By balancing the developer's needs with the property's natural features, EarthCentric Engineering strives to balance the economic and ecologic effects of site development for both the owner and the environment.

Since 2004, EarthCentric Engineering has applied this innovative approach to residential, commercial and institutional sites throughout North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina.  By emphasizing early cooperation between the Owner, Engineer, Architect and the regulatory agencies involved in the design process EarthCentric Engineering has consistently created value for its clients, even on difficult to manage sites.